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Prime Attorneys is a versatile legal practice established to offer strategic advisory and legal consultancy services with a full spectrum of capabilities in business law….

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Fiducia Services

Fiducia Services Ltd was established to provide small & medium sized companies with business support services to facilitate their establishment, existence and compliance under Ghanaian law…..

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Our Client Charter

Respect | Integrity | Commitment| Excellence

We will give you timely legal solutions in a most professional manner

Our legal advice will be practical and specific to your requirements

We will give you the information you need on time and proactively

We will endeavour to respond to your enquiries timeously and efficiently

We will be courteous and respectful to you at all times

We will ensure the highest level of confidentiality in all our dealings with you
We will use the best available technology to ensure exceptional service delivery

The quality of our work will always meet the highest standards

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