About Us


Prime Attorneys is a versatile legal practice established to offer strategic advisory and legal consultancy services with a full spectrum of capabilities in business law.

Our culture and philosophy is to work closely with our clients to understand all their business and legal needs in order to offer tailor-made solutions.  As a law firm, we remain proactive by being abreast with and keeping our clients fully informed of developments in the business and regulatory environment that may affect them.

We offer innovative, prompt and cost-effective legal services through the collective experiences of our Team members, the use of the latest technology available, our exclusive networks based on integrity, and experience in the Ghanaian business sector.

We have extensive experience advising and representing clients on all regulatory compliance matters and reviewing and drafting contracts for all aspects of a business.

We are passionate about our clients’ businesses and always make their interests paramount. We believe in building a strong relationship with our clients and with the key players in our clients’ industries.  As a result, our practice is based on the understanding that a thorough knowledge of our clients’ business and business objectives is an absolute necessity. In effect, we provide a full range of support to our clients and help our clients meet all their business goals and objectives.

It has been our aim to provide practical, strategic advice and creative legal solutions to all business issues. This is done by maintaining a selective client base, thereby ensuring that there is effective communication at all times.   We believe that a passion for satisfying our client’s business needs is a key enabler in our quest to offer first class legal services.

We have a strong knowledge and understanding of contemporary business issues and thinking in the areas of leadership and labour management, operations, strategy, international business, business ethics and corporate governance. We continually invest in our human capital, technology and legal resources to support our work.



Increasingly, clients expect firms to work effectively across departments, offices, and even jurisdictions. The greater complexity and size of legal matters requires more frequent collaboration and sharing of resources. Our close relationships with a global network of consultants, experts, and local legal counsel ensure that our clients receive unparalleled legal service wherever they need it.

Client Focused

We enjoy working with our clients and seek to build lasting relationships. Understanding the commercial and technical aspects of our clients business and the markets in which they operate is important to us. It helps ensure that we provide the very best levels of service.  Our ultimate goal is to help our clients business succeed.


To provide adequate legal support in today’s global markets takes constant growth and innovation. To meet the needs of our dynamic clientele, we work hard to keep our practice in step with the latest legal, economic, and technological trends shaping international business. Based on the foregoing we are able to anticipate and proffer solutions to the challenges our clients face when doing business.


We provide value-driven tax and business law advice and support to multinational companies, foreign investors, public companies, closely held businesses including family owned and owner – managed startups and individuals throughout Nigeria and around the world.

We are looking for new talents to join our team

This is the opportunity to be part of our team. If you are interested please send us a message.